Montana Voter Information

Hello, voter! Below, find everything you need to know to make your voice heard — including how to register, update your registration, get a mail ballot, vote early, and vote on Election Day.

Use the Montana My Voter Page to:

  • Check your Montana voter registration
  • Check the status of your absentee ballot
  • Find your polling place

Registering to vote: The deadline to update your registration is October 5, 2020 — but late registration continues through November 3 at your county election administrator’s office. To register, or update your registration, visit the homepage or download the paper application.

How to vote by mail: All Montana voters can vote absentee, no reason required. Fill out the absentee ballot request form and return it by mail or in person. Your completed ballot must be received by November 3 at 8:00 pm.

Many more voters are expected to use mail ballots this year, so make sure you leave plenty of time to request and return your ballot! 

Voter ID: Voters in Montana need a photo ID or a document showing their name and current address (utility bill, paycheck, voter registration confirmation, or others). Or, you can still vote without ID by filling out a “Polling Place Elector ID” form at your polling place.

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